Bespoke roof lanterns are the perfect way to bring more natural light into flat roof extensions, for a modern, spacious look.

As a leading UK supplier of glass roof lanterns with over 22 years’ experience, Specialised Conservatory Systems are fully prepared to meet the needs of our customers, including builders and installers, across the North of England and beyond.

With our innovative glazing solutions for contemporary flat roof extensions, you will be fully equipped to create extra living space in new or existing homes that’s both attractive and comfortable all year round. Homeowners will love the appearance, strength and thermal efficiency of their new glazed roof lanterns, while trade partners benefit from affordable prices and straightforward installation.


Glazing on flat roof extensions

Whether you’re looking to finish off a new extension or upgrade an orangery, glazed roof lanterns are a great way to brighten dull areas in any home. Designed to let in plenty of natural light, they also give the illusion of more space as an added bonus.

However, those with flat roof extensions could face problems when it comes to conventional glazing. For instance, standard flat roof glazing weakens as water and debris collects on the glass. Plus, thick structural beams are often required, which block out portions of light. This is where our products differ.

In partnership with industry experts Ultraframe, we are delighted to be able to provide innovative flat roof glazing solutions. Based on the tried and tested BBA approved Ultraframe classic roofing system, UltraSky lanterns are highly durable, weatherproof and easily to fit. They’re also some of the most thermally efficient skylights on the market.

UltraSky roof lanterns

Ultrasky roof lanterns transform flat roof extensions by opening up the ceiling to let in more light and making the room below feel more spacious. Better still, they do so without disrupting the appearance of your property. Their classic, understated design complements both traditional and contemporary properties, while their unique lantern shape negates the need for a costly roof ridge. And that’s not all…

Versatile design

Designed to fit neatly into the timber frame inside your roof, UltraSky lanterns are essentially raised skylights. They come in a variety of bespoke rectangular sizes, from as small as 1m x 1.5m to as large as 2m x 4m. This makes them a viable glazed roofing option for numerous applications, whether adding light to a small sitting room extension or opening up a larger living space.

There’s also a whole host of different options when it comes to appearance. Whether you want a skylight that matches windows and doors, or your customers would prefer a contrasting finish, there’s something for everyone. White PVCu is our most affordable option, while our lightweight Aluminium designs are available in a choice of anthracite grey, satin black or white. Internal cladding is supplied in white PVCu as standard, with the option to upgrade on request.

Added efficiency

It’s not just its stylish appearance and light-boosting abilities that sets UltraSky apart from glazed roof competitors. Its thermally efficient glazing and insulated frame help to minimise heat loss and keep rooms comfortable whatever the weather. Your customers can even save money on heating in the long run.

Using pioneering Warmframe technology, each component is thermally broken. This essentially means that there are pockets of air in the design, which form a barrier between the home and the elements. This makes it easier to keep temperatures stable and this comfort is boosted by the noise-insulation quality of UltraSky. Your customers can wave goodbye to external noise from neighbours, traffic and even the weather.

On selected sizes, glass roof lanterns also come with the option for manual, automatic or rain and temperature-triggered roof vents. This innovative feature completes UltraSky’s modern, stylish and versatile glazed roof offering, allowing fresh air into the home for better ventilation in the summer months.

Unrivalled performance

As with all Ultraframe products, it would be difficult to find a stronger roof lantern on the market. Despite having 25% less bars than a conventional roof and no bulky radius ends, the super strong ridge and superior spanning performance of this design, makes it around four times stronger than its rivals.

If that wasn’t enough, advanced Stormshield protection including waterproof trims and secure fit end covers, ensures that UltraSky roof lanterns remain watertight in winds of up to 130mph. The 25° pitch on all four sides, also means that water will run off rather than collect on the glazing, to avoid any weakening. There is also the option to upgrade to Conservaglass Blue which outperforms most other glass options.

Maximum natural light

The whole point of adding a glazed roof lantern to a flat roof is to increase the amount of natural light that enters the room below. With that in mind, UltraSky has been designed with both fewer and slimmer structural beams. Less bars means fewer interrupted sight lines and more light, without compromising on design or strength.

If you have a particularly large extension, your customers can even opt for two skylights side by side, to make the most of the roof area and brighten the entire room. This is often more affordable than installing one large roof lantern and is a more structurally sound option for areas prone to harsh weather conditions.

What we provide

Whether it’s for trade partners or private customers, when you choose Specialised Conservatory Systems as your UltraSky supplier, you won’t look back. Our Lancashire production centre is fully prepared to deliver high volume orders on time, without compromising on quality. To give you a rough idea, we’re capable of producing over a hundred conservatory roofs per week in our state of the art facility.

That’s why expert tradesmen across Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria trust us to provide exactly what they need at an affordable price. With UltraSky, customers also enjoy guarantee quick installation, minimal disruption and quality for less, making the finished product appealing in both its efficiency and price. Our Ultraframe products even come with a 10 year guarantee for added reassurance.

Talk to an UltraSky Glazed Roof Lantern expert

If you’re looking for a way to add more light into your home or you want to offer your customers a contemporary flat roof option, be sure to get in touch with Specialised Conservatory Systems.

Our team of glazing and extension experts are on hand to discuss and assess your needs, with a free no-obligation quote on request. It couldn’t be simpler to get your new roof project started.

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