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We offer tailored solutions for home extensions using our bespoke Ultraframe products, made from premium materials and crafted to perfection. Our new addition, Metrotile, enhances the aesthetics of your home while providing maximum functionality. Request a free quote using our online quoting tool and experience the innovative new addition to our Ultraroof collection.

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Why Choose Metrotile?

Upgrade your roofing game with Ultraroof - now available with Metrotile's shingle finish. Enjoy all the benefits of Ultraroof, with the added bonus of a sleek and stylish shingle finish. Get a quote today to elevate your next product's aesthetic and functionality.
Lightweight metal roof tiles are a perfect alternative to traditional roof tiles, especially for conservatory roof replacements.
Ultraroof Metrotiles’ drainage systems aid in water flow without battening. Improved ventilation trim enhances roof ventilation.
Metrotile provides ultimate fire resistance with its non-combustible material and innovative design.
Metrotiles offers an easy-to-install roofing solution with interlocking steel tiles.
Metrotile comes in four colors with the option of slimline aluminum or Metrotile cappings.
Tested to withstand harsh weather conditions, Ultraroof Metrotile comes with 40-year waterproof guarantee.

Slim & Elegant Aluminium Cappings

Enhance the performance and durability of your customer’s roof with our exclusive line of external aluminium cappings. Our cappings are specifically designed to accommodate variations in roof pitches and designs without the need for wet sealants or third-party components. This results in a more efficient and cost-effective solution that shields your roof from disruptive weather intrusion. To complement or contrast the Metrotile shingle tiles of your choice, choose from our range of Grey, Terra Red, and NEW Brown Umber colours. Upgrade your roof’s protection and aesthetic appeal today with our premium aluminium cappings.


Customisable Features

Transform your next project’s roof with Ultraroof Metrotile’s versatile options. Take your pick from four stunning tile colours and two elegant capping styles to create a roof that complements your customer’s home’s aesthetic perfectly.

Ultraroof-Metrotile-Hero-Image-1 (1)

Fully Insulated Ridge & Roof Slope

  1. Strong Magnelis Steel Rafters
  2. Insulated Roof Slope
  3. Fully Insulated Ridge
  4. Thermal Separation Between Rafters
  5. Fully Insulated Eaves Beam
  6. 380mm Eaves Beam
  7. Strong Eaves Beam
  8. Eaves Ventilated Trim
  9. Slotted Starter Trim
  10. Breathable Membrane
  11. Intelligent Tile Design
  12. Tongue & Grooved OSB 3

Pre-fabricated Radius End

When requested alongside Metrotile shingle cappings, Ultraroof Metrotile comes equipped with a pre-made curved end. All necessary angles are prefabricated at the factory for swift installation, while its distinctive drainage design ensures efficient water flow behind the tiles.

_DSC0149_LR (1)

Colour & Capping Options

Ultraroof Metrotile is available in four tile colours and with slimline aluminium or Metrotile cappings.

Slimline Aluminium Cappings

Charcoal | Urban Grey Caps


Burnt Umber | NEW Brown Umber Caps


Ebony | Urban Grey Caps


Antique Red | Terra Brick Red Caps

Metrotile Cappings





Burnt Umber


Antique Red

Metrotile Capping Suite
veranda-ridge-hip-top-cap-230mm-wide-2 (1)

Delta Ridge Hip Cap (230mm)


Veranda & Delta 90° Ridge End Cap


Veranda & Delta Ridge End Cap


Veranda & Delta 130° Ridge End Cap


Veranda Slimline Ridge Hip Cap (130mm)


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