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Complete Control

You have total control over your client's extension, from start to finish. hup! is currently compatible with 5 different roofing options, as well as a variety of door, window and wall designs.

Five Times Faster Turnaround Icon

Five Times Faster

Your customers will love hup!'s rapid connection technology, as it allows you to complete their extension or conservatory in significantly less time than conventional building methods.

Five Times More Energy Efficient

Five Times More Energy Efficient

hup! will help keep your customer's home warmer, thanks to its material's elite levels of thermal retention. Not only can they lower their energy bills, but can also lower their carbon footprint and become more green.

Simply Better Quality

Simply Better Quality

hup! uses cutting-edge manufacturing to reach a high standard of quality for your customer's property. It truly represents the highest level of engineering prowess.

One Product, One Project

One Product, One Project

One of the things your customers will love most about hup! is that it can be constructed in full by one dedicated team. This means that they won't have to worry about a plethora of strangers in their home.

60% More Carbon Efficient

hup! is 60% more carbon efficient than a brick wall with zero waste in production and no site waste to dispose of. Ongoing fuel consumption and carbon emissions are also lower than a brick wall, thanks to its superior thermal performance.

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Four hup! roof systems?

Easy Installation

hup! arrives on site as a flat packed kit of parts already cut to size. This, combined with click-fit Ultrapanels, ensures a rapid build that can be watertight in 2-3 days.

Slim Walls

hup! walls are over 25% slimmer than a brick and block wall, so the new room will be 10-15% bigger on the inside, adding more value to the property.

Increase turnover by 30%

Say goodbye to weather and scheduling delays and collect your cash quicker. and move to the next job. hup! can be built in any weather by a small team of trademen.

What's in a hup! wall?

1 Internal Clips

Both our Internal and external clips offer watertight fittings, keeping components securely in place. They also reduce drilling and make hup! easier to install!

2 Wall Panels

hup! is a remarkably lightweight, structural solution, capable of achieving U-values of only 0.17 W/m2K, with a width of just 215mm.

3 External Clips

Our external clips help reduce the installation time drastically by connecting the wall panels and membrane.

4 Membrane

A breathable membrane with clips for easy attachment is supplied with every hup! wall installation.

5 Battens

The membrane is supplied with all clips and fixings to easily attach the membrane to the Ultrapanel's external clips.

6 Render Board

A calcium silicate render board is fabricated to promote longevity and robustness. Pre-cut calcium silicate render board is highly impact resistant, waterproof, fireproof and provides sound absorption and heat isolation.

7 Wall Finish

hup! is compatible with all wall finishes, to provide complete design flexibility. Some of the wall finishes include brick mesh, brick slips, timber, or render to name just a few.

8 Aperture Trim

The cut to size aperture trim in white, grey or any RAL colour completes the finish at the edges of windows and doors, making each installation neat and clean.

9 Ventilation Trim

In order to avoid insect ingress or vermin, the wall finish comes with an advanced ventilation trim. This trim runs around the perimeter of the top and bottom of the walling.

hup! wall
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Hup Applications Conservatory Conversions

hup! Conservatory Transformations

If you want to upgrade an old conservatory unit, hup! can transform it into a brand new extension for your home.

hup applications extensions

hup! Extensions

Open up the space in your property with a simple, fast extension project that looks beautiful and boosts your home’s value.

hup applications conservatories

hup! Conservatories

A bespoke hup! conservatory can flood your home with natural light whilst offering fantastic thermal insulation.

hup applications garden homes

hup! Garden Homes

Give your exterior space a stunning new feature that’s perfect for socialising with guests as well as enjoying some personal time.

hup! technology explained

hup! makes the most of revolutionary technological advances to provide a breakthrough method of home extension construction. Our durable models can result in five times the energy efficiency as traditional builds and can be built up to five times quicker. Find out how your home can be enhanced with hup!


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