Solid Conservatory Roofs

Upgrade extensions, conservatories, orangeries and sunrooms with strong, thermally efficient, solid tiled roofing solutions

Low quality and poorly installed conservatory roofing can become a money pit for heating and repair bills. It doesn’t have to be that way. New and existing glazed extensions can be completely transformed by a range of specially designed solid roofs from Specialised Conservatory Systems.

Our solid conservatory roof panels add strength and thermal efficiency to your extensions, giving you or your customers a more comfortable living space with money saved in the long run. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we can tailor production to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

The benefits of solid roof conservatories

Conservatories have shot up in popularity over the past few decades. That’s thanks to them providing more living space without the associated hassle and cost. But in that time, homeowners across the UK have noticed several issues with the basic design – more specifically, the polycarbonate/glass roof.

Heat, noise and maintenance are all issues faced by owners of traditional conservatories. Thankfully, a solid conservatory roof can solve all of those problems, turning your conservatory into an extension and giving you the versatile living space you want without any recurring issues.

Eliminating noise

One of the main complaints with conventional conservatory roofing is the noise. When rain hits, so too does an unbearable rattling that drowns out guests, music or simply ruins the gentle atmosphere a glazed extension can bring. The same is the case for wind – and even wildlife – which can cause a similar disturbance time and time again.

Tiled conservatory roofs are a simple and cost-effective solution. They provide a solid structure for glazed extensions, giving homeowners a light, open space without the problem of unwanted noise. The end result is an extension that’s attractive, comfortable and completely versatile – not to mention the added value to homes.

Regulating temperature

Conservatories may be hailed as an easy way to extend your living space. But with a conventional conservatory, that’s usually down to the weather. The polycarbonate/glass roof creates a greenhouse effect, heating up your conservatory whenever the sun shines. The rest of the year, it gets bitterly cold, with a standard roof failing to keep heat inside your home.

A solid conservatory roof solves both these problems. The solid conservatory roof panels provide superior insulation compared to glass or polycarbonate panels, keeping your living space warm in winter. They also block out the sun’s UV rays in warm weather, eliminating the issue of a hot, stuffy conservatory as well as reducing glare. At Specialised, we combine that with glazed panels to make sure your new extension still lets in plenty of light.

Improving style

While there are modern options available today, the majority of existing conservatory roofs have become dated. The same is true for many of the glass options still on the market. A solid conservatory roof can provide sought-after modern appearance for your glazed extension.

It’s also far more durable compared to glass or polycarbonate. A hard-wearing tiled conservatory roof will stay in tip-top condition, whatever Mother Nature has to throw at it. Over time, that will keep your extension looking and feeling great, while maintaining your property’s value.

Solid roofs from Specialised

At Specialised Conservatory Systems, we have over two decades of experience supplying and installing conservatories and conservatory roofs across the UK. Whether it’s London, Liverpool, Lancashire or Llandudno, our team is on hand to provide an outstanding service for commercial and domestic customers.

Reliable quality

When you’re working on construction projects – whatever the size – it’s important that everything goes smoothly. The smallest disruption can start a domino effect, leading to missed deadlines and added costs. With our solid conservatory roofing solutions, that’s not a worry.

Specialised Conservatory Systems is trusted by building companies and contractors from Glasgow to Gloucestershire and everywhere in-between. Our solid roofs for glazed extensions are developed by award-winning conservatory roofing specialists. So, you can rest assured you’re getting solid roofs that are strong and long lasting without the complex and stressful installation process.

Retrofit, new-build or replacement

It can be so frustrating finding the perfect conservatory roof for your extension, only to discover that it isn’t suitable for your requirements. As conservatory and extension specialists, we have the experience, expertise and products to provide solid conservatory roofs for both new and existing spaces – as well as designing and installing complete replacements.

Our team can work to provide a suitable solution that matches the style and structure of your existing glazed extension. Alternatively, we can work with you to design a bespoke conservatory or extension from scratch, including an efficient, stylish, and robust solid roof – to either add to your property or replace an existing structure.

Ultimate configuration

We understand that no two projects are the same. With a wide range of conservatory and extension roofing options available to suit all budgets and applications, you can configure your order to make sure you get exactly what you need. From integrated audio to ceiling windows, we can provide tiled conservatory roofs that are tailored to your requirements – including glazed panels within the roof to let light fill your living space. Take a look at just two of our extension roofing solutions:


A LivinROOF adds stylish and high-performing conservatory roof panels to your extension. It’s highly customisable, with the option of glazed panels within the design to maximise light. Complete with a LivinROOM perimeter ceiling, a LivinROOF gives you an extra level of interior versatility. The plastered perimeter creates a comfortable living space, reducing glare from your glazed extension. Incorporate downlighting or integrated audio, with the option for hanging lights – the choice is yours.

UltraRoof 380

The UltraRoof 380 is a unique tiled roof system that gives any glazed extension a more high-end look. Again, glazed panels can be integrated for extra light, paired with the strength and performance of innovative extension roof tiles. Manufactured for quick assembly, UltraRoof 380 gives you everything you need for a simple and effective conservatory roof conversion. Insulated beams, aluminium framework and structural roof panels make up a solid tiled roof system for your conservatory, orangery or sunroom.

Find the perfect solid conservatory roof today

Are you looking for tiled conservatory roof suppliers in the UK? Look no further than Specialised Conservatory Systems. We provide a wide range of glazed extension and conservatory roof solutions at impressive speed. Our Lancashire production centre is capable of manufacturing high capacity orders, delivering the same high quality each and every time.

But that’s not all. What sets us apart is our personal service, that puts your requirements front and centre. Homeowner or construction firm, we’ll work to understand your preferences down to the finest detail and tailor our products and services to fit.

Ready to get started with your glazed extension or solid roof conservatory? Whether you’re replacing the original glass roof or designing a new conservatory altogether, give us a call on 01772 822 232 or use our online contact form.

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