A luxury glazed home extension for less

With a high proportion of glass and robust thermal columns, the Italian-inspired Loggia conservatory lies halfway between a conservatory and an orangery. However, it’s significantly cheaper than an orangery and designed to lose 30% less heat than a traditional conservatory, making it an affordable and efficient home extension option.

Green Loggia Conservatory


Why upgrade to a Loggia conservatory?

Designed by industry-leaders Ultraframe, Loggia conservatories combine clean lines, striking design and superior thermal efficiency with great value for money. With the option to incorporate lighting, sound systems and even an authentic realROOF, your customers can achieve a real room feel and increase your living space, without the need for a full home extension.

Thermally efficient

Providing five times more heat retention than brickwork, Loggia columns are known for their unrivalled thermal efficiency. As such, they are used in a variety of building extensions to minimise heat loss in winter and to prevent overheating in summer. With a u-value of only 0.15, they are also twice efficient as insulated cavity walls, so a reduction in heating bills is likely.

These columns with insulated core, come in two different sizes. The wider ones are designed to be situated at the corners of the structure to create a solid framework for supporting other components like glazing. The thinner columns can then be strategically positioned throughout the design to break up the external appearance.

Loggia options

Easy installation

Each of the Loggia conservatories we supply comes pre-fabricated for quick and easy assembly and installation. This also eliminates the need for noisy cutting on site and keeps mess to a minimum, for as little disruption as possible.

Whilst most Loggia conservatories are square or rectangular, we also offer bespoke designs to fit existing buildings and uniquely-shaped outdoor areas. As well as making the most of the space you have, this also ensures the conservatory is ready made to fit with ease.

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Available in a choice of uPVC or durable aluminium and five different colours from white to green, the Loggia conservatory can be customised to complement your client’s home. Panels, window frames and door frames can be matching, or two contrasting shades for a more unique finish.

For a traditional look, opt for cladded panels with a fluted design, or keep it modern with flat panels. Choose from full height columns and floor to ceiling glazing, or sit them on top of dwarf walls for a more natural extension of your home. Even drainage pipes and gutters can be concealed with corner columns and a decorative cornice.

Discover more customisation options within each of the three different styles below.

Loggia Premium Conservartory

Loggia conservatory style options

When it comes to choosing a conservatory, we know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why, in partnership with Ultraframe, we are pleased to offer three variants of the Loggia conservatory system – Prestige, Premium and Ultimate, so that your clients can find a design and level of functionality to suit their needs.

Loggia Prestige

The Loggia Prestige is the most affordable option in the range, but that doesn’t mean they’ll lose out on any of the key features. In fact, all of the Loggia conservatories we supply come with the same customisable colour options and high level of thermal efficiency to remove the need for internal doors between the conservatory and original building.

However, with Prestige conservatories there is also have the option to add an electrical lighting panel to the middle ridge of a glazed conservatory roof. Known as LivinLIGHT, this system will allow you to fit lights where you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, so homeowners can enjoy their new space at any time or day or night.

Loggia Premium

Loggia Premium conservatory designs give clients even more freedom to create an extension that reflects their unique style and personality. For those who opt for full-length column panels, there is the option to add in additional heating in the form of integrated radiant heaters, so they can stay toasty even in the coldest months.

Clients can also choose to incorporate an interior pelmet to give modern conservatories a more room-like feel and provide extra insulation around the eaves. These LivinROOM insulated perimeter ceilings come in a variety of sizes to fit the space and can be fitted with a range of lighting and speaker systems as desired.

Loggia Ultimate

This top of the range Loggia conservatory combines all of the benefits of the other two styles, with a premium realROOF upgrade. Rather than a traditional glazed roof, the realROOF opens up the room with a magnificent plastered vaulted ceiling. While working in harmony with existing interior features, there is also the option to dress the outside with tiles or slates, so it matches the exterior of the customer’s property.

What’s more, there is also the option to integrate expansive glazing and full length glazing and sliding or bi-fold doors to create as much space and light as possible. This premium option is perfect for clients who want to achieve a seamless, natural look that blends in well with their home, whether modern or traditional.


Why choose Specialised?

Whether you are looking for a standard conservatory or a bespoke glazed solution to fit your space exactly, you can rest assured that our Loggia conservatories are built to last. With over 22 years’ experience in the industry, we are a trusted supplier and manufacturer, working with skilled tradesmen and installers across Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire and even further afield.

Our state of the art facility in Preston means that we can take on everything from high volume projects for corporate clients, to one-off customised products for private customers. And to prove that we never skimp on quality, we provide a 10 year guarantee as standard on all of our Ultraframe products.

Contact a Loggia conservatory expert today

No matter how big or small your project, Loggia conservatories offer exceptional looks, superior thermal qualities and great value for money. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the Loggia range, so why not give our friendly team a call on 01772 822232 today? You can discuss your needs in more detail and receive a free no-obligation quote to help get you started.

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